Truth Machine


A truth machine (TM) is a living or artificial object that is trusted over time because it consistently retains its’ utility and value.

A TM can be a barometer for the state of any environment surrounding it, because it cannot be manipulated into lying about that state. The more historical data accumulated, the more accurately one can observe its’ true long-term utility and value. One way to test a TM’s utility and value is by using the BS Detection Kit.

EXAMPLES: Gold because there are thousands of years of data supporting both its’ utility and value, which despite countless manipulation attempts has retained trust over centuries. Bitcoin because it has also resisted countless attacks and its’ ledger keeps a record of transactions that cannot be manipulated without also being attacked. Thus, the Bitcoin network can be trusted because its’ data can be independently seen and audited- thus trusted over time.

A TM rises above its’ environmental conditioning, thus its’ ability to hold trust over time can be seen/perceived truthfully…

Intelligence is the immediate adjustment to truth…. Jiddu Krishnamurti



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